The Search Continues

I’ve spent a few years away from the adoptee history search but it’s time to get back to now.

Spending time away from the search is always a good idea.  As exciting as it can be to try and find the past, and as important as it is, since we must remember it cannot be changed and so searching for it can sometimes wait.

I have spent the last five years bringing up our son, Harry (as well as holding down a full-time job).  An absolute joy, growing up into a very fine young man, he has now been in school since September, and loving it.

I rarely have to remind myself that Harry is my only genetic connection in the world as I know it.  I still have no idea how I would feel if I ever found another genetic connection in the world – and the possibility is not futile.  I do check my DNA results every now and then but I don’t get any results closer than 4th cousin.

However, I have still meet up with Vietnamese Adoptee Reunions.  We’ve met up in the summer and for the last few years we have met up in London, we’ve also met in  Norwich and Milton Keynes, since there are Adoptees in all corners of the UK.  One of my adoptee friends has arranged a music festival in Milton Keynes and was possibly one of the best reunion occasions I’ve attending – well, two occasions, as she’s done it twice now. I really look forward to the next time!

A few years ago I was contacted by BBC Ulster: Inside Out as there was another adoptee who hadn’t actually made contact with anyone else.  They were making a documentary on his story and they wanted me to be involved with some direction and contacts.  I met with him in London and introduced him to Brian Freemantle, the man behind the Daily Mail Operation Babylift flight out of Vietnam in 1975 (and Harry’s namesake – Harry is Brian’s middle name).

I’m so fortunate Brian has wanted to stay in contact with us as a family.  He has so many wonderful stories to tell about the Airlift and we have become good friends with the family, I feel so very blessed to know him.  I wish I’d known him sooner but I’m just glad I know him at all.


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