Never pass up on an opportunity

Life hands us many cards and it’s for us, as individuals, to determine whether those cards make a good hand. Some cards are Kings and Queens, some are little numbers which, when put with other cards make a good hand. Some cards take the form of Jokers, but I rather like to call them Wild cards!

I was offered a Joker quite some months ago. It was a shot in the dark, however, I decided to add it to my hand, not knowing what would become of it. This is what happened:

I was searching the valuable tool on the net which is YouTube for footage of the Babylift, Vietnam War and documentaries. I saw a comment that someone had written on one of these videos. Someone had recognised themselves in a piece of footage from the Babylift. So I decided to make contact. Searching that person’s profile, there was no way to contact them other than through YouTube messenger service, but I just dropped a line to say hi and how I would like to get in contact with them.

Some months passed and I checked my YouTube account for a reply, but to no avail, even though I’m signed up for email alerts, I didn’t want to put this down to fate, even up to a few weeks ago there was nothing. I was sure that if this person wanted to get in contact they would’ve done by now and so I had signed this one off.

Even so, I felt that my communication would’ve proved valuable on the off-chance of making contact. The ball was in their court, it was out of my hands. I wasn’t going to pursue, I had to respect their privacy.

Then, all of a sudden, out of blue, just the other day I got an email alert. It was this person responding to my message, apologising for not having been in contact simply because they didn’t use YouTube much. She gave me her Facebook username and told me to contact her there, which I duly did. Within days we were connected. I have been meaning to drop her a line to say hi but weekends are always busy, promising myself to do it later on.

This morning I get an alert on my mobile phone to say that she’d left a message on my wall. She’d been through my orphanage pictures and she thinks she recognises herself in some of them. Does this mean she was in the same orphanage as me? This is a magical moment that I just had to share with you. I’m currently at work at the moment but I had to get something in writing to share with you all.

When I get home, I’m going to make contact. I need to find out more.

Viktoria embarks on another journey. This is extraordinary!


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