Another Sister from Another Mister

I saw a girl on a documentary some ten-odd years ago. She went back to Vietnam to try and discover some facts about her orphanage and adoption. Sadly, she didn’t get all her questions answered.

It was this very documentary, Children of the Ashes, that pricked my curiosity enough to watch it, and it was after having seen this documentary, that convinced me enough not to take that route myself.

I decided to keep myself in my closet.

And there I stayed…

… however, when saw this documentary, I wanted to wrap my arms around her. She had captured my heart.

So when I had made contact with her earlier in the year, it seemed only natural that I should feel a natural warmth toward her, an understanding that only another adoptee would feel.

I had the chance to meet with her a few weeks ago.

I travelled to Northampton to meet her. But what was so special about this visit? Firstly, being one of the girls from the documentary, meeting Safi was like meeting a TV personality, I felt like I already knew her; and secondly, unlike any other meet, it was in her home. It was real, I took a glimpse at Safi, met her husband, her children, her dog. For an instance, I was involved in her life, stepped in her house and it became so real.

It was the best weekend ever. Emotional? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. Fantastic? Yes!

Visiting the park, dining at a Vietnamese restaurant, making Vietnamese Spring Rolls, watching documentaries….

I’m not the emotional type. Not one to let my guard slip, but for once in my life, this was so different. I knew it would be. It’s so difficult to put into words, one of those “you had to be there” scenarios. For all the reasons I detailed above, Safi being the first adoptee I saw on the documentary, and actually sharing a bit of her life in her house with her family, made this meeting so real. It wasn’t just adoptee to adoptee, it was heart to heart, mind to mind, I would swear we were sisters!

Viktoria & Safi

The first time I had to reach for a tissue was during the viewing of Safi’s documentary. This is the first time I had seen it in years (although I remember it well). It was the first time Safi had seen it with another adoptee.

The second tissue-reaching moment was when I said goodbye. I felt I’d found a friend, a true friend. A long-lost friend. I knew I wasn’t saying goodbye, I was merely saying “so long”, but I still hugged her and didn’t want to let her go.

Safi is a beautiful person, with the world of love in her heart and I’m so pleased I met with her and I’m so much richer for having done so.


1 Comment

  1. Vikki

    It was a pleasure to meet you to. I am truly honoured that you found time to come and visit me. Let that be the first of many get togethers and ever lasting friendships.

    Your sister

    Safi xxx

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