The possibilities are endless!

After liaising with my brother, who very kindly bought me a ticket to LA last year, but I didn’t go as planned back then, and as it’s transferable, so I’m hoping that this will take me as far as Bangkok, with only a ticket from there to afford.

So it looks as though a trip to Vietnam is very possible at the end of October this year.

It’s become glaringly obvious that I need to get to Vietnam this year before the Reunion, as I seem to be the only person who’s not yet been back and I have many avenues to explore before meeting others. Not only this, the events that are scheduled for April next year means that my own personal discoveries have a limited capability, and so I want to be able to immerse myself in the Reunion knowing I’ve done everything I can without wanting to do my own thing.

So we need Visas now and all the other things that make it possible to go and be comfortable and I need advice and interpreters and accommodation and – oh, so much to think about!

But, the dream that sparked off at the beginning of the year could well be coming to fruitition … I’m going to Vietnam, I’m going home!!

Will there be anybody else going to Vietnam at the end of October? Would love to meet you! x


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